【Food】~Food Market~

【Food】~Food Market~

First off, there is no pre-sale of food this year. All food items can be purchased at the venue when you feel like eating.

This year, there will be a Food Market along with the hot foods similar to last year. Just like last year, there will be:

  • Vegetable Yakisoba
  • Gyu-don (beef bowl)
  • Chef's Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Kara-age & Croquet
  • Edamame
  • Takoyaki

We know last year the food wasn't the best aspect of Japan Fair. That's why this year, a Japanese chef will partner with the kitchen to make sure the food tastes like it was made by a Japanese housewife.

In addition to the food made on site, there will be a "Food Market" which will feature several products from Japanese eateries. This year, we will have:

Of course, there will be drinks as well. Along with the popular Ramune Soda and Calpico, there will be Japanese tea, Japanese beer, and sake.

Please see our website for all the pictures of the food.

***Please Note***
Meydenbauer Center policy prohibits outside food/drink being brought to the Center. (Meydenbauer Centerの規程により、会場内へのご飲食物の持ち込みは禁止されています。)