【Ro Higashi】~Market Place Booth~
【Ro Higashi】~Ma...

【Ro Higashi】~Market Place Booth~

We are happy to welcome back Ro Higashi to Japan Fair!

The custom drawings Ro Higashi drew for the visitors of her booth last year were very popular! A lot of people stopped by to get theirs drawn.

Drawing portraits isn't the only thing she does. Just like the two pictures above, there are a lot of other cute anime drawings.

Does this drawing look familiar to anyone?

It's the new mascot for Sakura Con! And yes, Ro Higashi drew it! If you go to Sakura Con's homepage or Facebook, you can see the drawings being used.

Come to Japan Fair 2017 to get your Custom Portrait!

Ro Higashi is a Seattle native and local anime-styled artist. She taught English in Japan from 2006-2009, while taking a semester of Manga School night classes. She has two half-Japanese daughters and is bilingual. Please come and say hello!
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