【Throwback Thursday】~Raffle~

【Throwback Thursday】~Raffle~

Last year's raffle drawings were very exciting as the visitors won many gift certificates and goods. There were even a pair of domestic plane tickets from Delta and a pair of tickets to Japan from ANA!

This year, we're happy to announce they'll be a lot of exciting raffle prizes again! It's a little different from last year though, because we'll be having to separate raffle drawings.
One will be the Festival Raffle where $200 for Schwartz Brothers, $200 for Le Campagne, and $220 for Sushi Kappo Tamura are just some of the gift cards you could win! The tickets for the Festival Raffle will be sold at 1 raffle for $5, 5 raffles for $20, and 11 raffles for $40.

The other drawing will be the Airline Raffle! This year, two lucky winners will win a pair of tickets to Japan from either Delta or ANA! Tickets for the Airline Raffle will be sold at 1 raffle for $20 and 3 raffles for $50. Buy a raffle for a chance to win a trip worth over $2000!

Good news for cosplayers! If you cosplay to Japan Fair 2017, please stop by the Raffle Booth and we will give you a free Airline Raffle!