【Yuka Shimizu - Japan Fair 2017 Chair】~Youmaga Interview

【Yuka Shimizu - Japan Fair 2017 Chair】~Youmaga Interview

An interview by Youmaga of the chair of Japan Fair 2017, Yuka Shimizu, was published several days ago!

She, along with another committee member, were the ones who continued the legacy of ENMA's Aki Matsuri in the form of Japan Fair.

Yuka Shimizu is not only the chair of Japan Fair, but is also the founder and owner of Bellevue Children's Academy (BCA) and Willows Preparatory School (WPS).

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English Summary:

Yuka Shimizu came to the U.S. for her husband's job in the 90's, opening a small learning center, which became Bellevue Children's Academy in 2000. Now there are about 700 students, with over 35 ethnic backgrounds.
The End of Aki Matsuri and the Beginning of a New Festival
The 18 year long festival was coming to an end, but she didn't want such a large Japanese community event to come to a close as well. When things looked dim without any support coming through, Yuka Shimizu and one of the current committee members, Allen Nakamoto, stepped up to take over the festival. This was her turning point.
Having to start from scratch to get the festival ready, there were many obstacles, but help was offered from ENMA, allowing the first Japan Fair to happen. To her surprise, there were about 15,000 people who showed up to the Meydenbauer Center for Japan Fair 2016. The City of Bellevue even told Yuka that this big of a community event should be continued.
A Festival For the Future of Kids
Japan Fair aims to be an event where Nikkei and First Generation, and Second Generation Japanese can come together. With a strong Japanese community, there will be many ways where the Japanese will be able to help each other through struggles.