【Kaoru Okumura】~Performer~

【Kaoru Okumura】~Performer~

Did you notice the two ghost like people in our post from two days ago?

If you were at Japan Fair last year, you may have seen Kaoru Okumura and her "twin" lurking around Meydenbauer Center. At Japan Fair, Okumura and her partner act as the "zashiki-warashi twins" (座敷童Twins).

Come to Japan Fair to take a glimpse of their spooky performance!

Kaoru Okumura is a Japanese Butoh performer based in Seattle, US. A fan of Butoh since 1970s, Kaoru studied Butoh in 1993 at Asbestos-Kan in Tokyo with Akiko Motofuji, Hijikata’s wife, and also had her first performance there. She started Butoh activities in Seattle from 2008. Since then, she has enjoyed performing with local Butoh members, where she experiences how a body bridges the soul and the world. Recently she is focusing solo performance, periodically premiering new pieces at various venues. Kaoru had more than 20 performances in 2016, including Seattle International Dance Festival, Nine Evening 2 Seattle as collaboration with Google Deep Dream, also supported by Google AMI (Artists & Machine Intelligence) in 2016.


現代における異形のものとは?シアトル在住舞踏手による、舞踏風『座敷童Twins』が2017年もJapan Fairの会場に出没いたします!