【Banshu Soroban・Daiichi】~Community Friends Booth~
【Banshu Soroban...

【Banshu Soroban...

【Banshu Soroban・Daiichi】~Community Friends Booth~

Banshu Soroban (Japanese Wiki) is a kind of abacus made mainly in Ono city of Hyogo, Japan. They have a history of over 400 years and account for 70% of all the abacuses in Japan.
Daiichi Corp. has been making Banshu Soroban since 1909.

At Japan Fair 2017, Banshu Soroban・Daiichi's booth will allow Japan Fair visitors to make their own abacus!
Sign up for the workshop by emailing Tetsuya Sano at info@step-education.com. Learn more by reading their flyer.

The Banshu Soroban has a history of more than 400 years.
Daiichi Corp. is an abacus making business established in 1909.
You can experience making your abacus at Japan Fair.
We will introduce the new abacus at Japan Fair.
Please come to Banshu Soroban & Daiichi Corp.'s booth.