Kids' Area

Experience the enjoyment of Japanese summer festivals! Just like a summer festival in Japan, Japan Fair's Kids' Area in the Main Exhibition Hall will have yo-yo fishing, tin can designing, and character masks! On top of that, there will be free activities including origami, calligraphy, origami fish fishing, and temporary tattoos

Since Japan Fair's theme is Tanabata, everyone, not just kids, will be able to write their wish on a tanzaku and hang it on the wishing tree. There will even be a kamishibai (picture card show) about Orihime and Hikoboshi, the main characters of the tanabata legend. 

Japan Fair 2018 t-shirts with the cute shiba-inu mascot are available in kids sizes. They can be purchased at the info booth near the entrance.




Japan Fair 2018 limited edition t-shirts are designed with the cute shiba-inu mascot of 2018, and come in adult sizes as well as kids sizes. They are available for purchase at the info booth near the entrace of the main exhibition hall. Each adult t-shirt is $25, and each kid t-shirt is $15. By buying two adult t-shirts, you will get them for just $40; a $10 discount! Buy one for yourself and your kid for just $35 and rock the t-shirt as a family.