Japan Fair History


Japan Fair formed in 2016 as a continuation of the legacy of the “Aki Matsuri”, an annual festival in Bellevue that was presented by the non-profit organization Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association (ENMA). The Aki Matsuri was a two-day program that celebrated Japan’s rich cultural heritage, and featured cultural, educational, and fun events for all age groups. It was held each Fall season for 18 years and was greatly appreciated by the community. In 2016 ENMA retired as a non-profit, and the Aki Matsuri began its transition into a new, sustainable community event. This event, headed by a new volunteer team with the goal of carrying on the annual festival tradition, was called Japan Fair.


The first Japan Fair was held at Meydenbauer Center on September 3 – 4, 2016, under the guidance and help of ENMA as the official successor to the Aki Matsuri. 15,000 people were estimated by Meydenbauer Center to have attended the launch of Japan Fair. Many were returning attendees of the Aki Matsuri, although the festival drew many new, first-time attendees as well, along with a number of new exhibitors from both America and Japan who shared their projects and products with the people of the Pacific Northwest.


As it moves forward, Japan Fair will continue to be hosted at the new Meydenbauer Center location.

 Japan Fair 2017

 Japan Fair 2016


トーマス・ブルック氏(イーストサイド日本祭り実行委員長) 旭日双光章受章

Congratulations to Mr. Thomas Brooke for his decoration from the Consulate General of Japan!



- 2016年11月3日掲載の在シアトル日本国総領事館ウェブサイト記事より抜粋  (Japan Fair Blog in English)


Mr. Masahiro Omura
- Former Consul General of Japan

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those working hard to produce Japan Fair in Bellevue this July. I am sure that everyone is looking forward with great anticipation to celebrating Japanese culture, society and business at Japan Fair 2017. The Consulate-General of Japan appreciates the efforts made towards such large-scale Japanese cultural festivals like Japan Fair and intends to provide as much support as possible.





Mr. Jefferey Hattori
- CEO of Keiro Northwest

On behalf of Keiro Northwest, we extend our appreciation for the annual Aki Matsuri Festival. Over the years, it has become a well-recognized event with a wonderful array of booths, entertainment, food and activities that promotes Japanese/Japanese American culture. We are excited to support the next evolution…now known as Japan Fair, which will continue to honor the tradition of Aki Matsuri while enhancing and diversifying the attendees experience!





Japan Fair 2017 Committee

Committee: Yuka Shimizu, Akemi Sagawa, Jeffrey Hattori, Sam Takahashi, Tsutomu (Tom) Sasaki, Eriko (Elly) Baxter

Advisory Committee: Yoshiharu Kurosawa, Nobuyuki Odagiri, Allen Nakamoto, Tomio Moriguchi, Elaine Ikoma Ko, Yoshiaki Minegishi, Naoki Hayasaka, Noriko Palmer, Hiroko Huntoon, Shinji Kokage

Honorary Advisor: Tom Brooke, Katsuko Brooke, Masahiro Omura


Japan Fair 2016 Committee

The Japan Fair 2016 Committee was operating under the auspices of the Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association (legal entity), and 2016 Japan Fair Event is a presentation of Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association (a.k.a. ENMA).  

Committee: Allen Nakamoto, Yuka Shimizu, Noriko Palmer, Josh Dwight, Tsutomu (Tom) Sasaki, Eriko (Elly) Baxter, 

Advisory Committee: Tom Brooke, Katsuko Brooke, Naoki Hayasaka, Daisaku Izawa, Yoshiharu Kurosawa, Tomio Moriguchi, Jeffrey Hattori, Hiroko Huntoon, Hiroshi Onaka, Shinji Kokage