Board Members

Japan Fair 2020 Committee

Board of Directors:

Yuka Shimizu

Allen Nakamoto

Susumu (Sam) Takahashi

Noriko Palmer

Tsutomu (Tom) Sasaki



Eriko (Elly) Baxter

Hiroko Huntoon

Takayuki Ishikawa

Ryosuke Komori

Kotoku Kurachi

Sumiko Kurachi

Yoshiaki Minegishi

Lynn Miyauchi

Tomio Moriguchi

June Nakamoto

Harry Nomoto

Rakuko Rubin

Akemi Sagawa

Naoko Tajima

Asami Tsuruta


Honorary Advisors:

Yoichiro Yamada

Tom Brooke

Katsuko Brooke



Messages from Community Leaders


CG Mr.Yamada

Mr. Yoichiro Yamada
- Consul General of Japan

I congratulate Japan Fair in Bellevue for another year of successfully creating was has become an established “must-see summer event” in the community. Unique to Japan Fair is its fascinating blend of showcasing Japanese businesses and culture as a way to glimpse into Japan’s past, present and future. The Consulate-General of Japan looks forward to lending our support to the dedicated organizers and volunteers who make this impressive event possible. I am sure that the community is eagerly awaiting Japan Fair 2018 and all that it will have to offer!



Chair Ms. Yuka Shimizu

Ms. Yuka Shimizu
- Japan Fair 2018 Chair
- Founder and President of Bellevue Children's Academy and Willows Preparatory School

It has been three years since we carried on the legacy of ENMA’s Aki Matsuri. Japan Fair introduces a wide range of cultural and educational experiences. We offer everything from traditional Japanese art and culture to modern industries and products, educational experiences for children, and amazing performances and workshops. We brought about 20,000 people to the event last year! Japan Fair is the annual event where individuals, organizations, and community groups come together to celebrate Japanese culture – all in the heart of Bellevue! We continue to show appreciation for previous generations of our Japanese- American community; due to their dedication, we now live in a thriving community. Today we strive to enhance that community for our future generations. Meydenbauer Center is centrally located, accessible to all, and has superior indoor facilities to host our fair. Please bring your family, friends and neighbors to our event!



Mr. Tomio Moriguchi
- Chairman of the Board of Uwajimaya Inc.

Although The USA is land of immigrants of varying generations, it is very important to have knowledge and if possible to have experiences related to our heritage family culture.  These unique cultural education and experiences made available at the Aki Matsui provides enduring strength for both our ethnic minority community and a better understanding for the larger whole community. Thank you - Tomio




Mr. Allen Nakamoto
- Japan Fair 2016 Co-chair / Nisei Veterans Committee

While United States and Japan form a cornerstone of the Pacific peace policy, a mutual understanding is vital in this collaboration. The Japan Fair is a special community project to introduce Japan as an advanced developed economy of Asia that treasures its art and culture. The Japan Fair will highlight Japan’s technological advancement while it maintains its social balance and promote its traditional art. Japan is a neighbor across the Pacific and the Japan Fair hope to show some familiarity and uniqueness of the culture. Over 100 years of Immigration from Japan have brought many familiar arts, crafts and customs to the Pacific North West. We hope that the Japan Fair will open up new opportunities to learn and to grow for all visitors and exhibitors. 




Mr. Susumu (Sam) Takahashi
- Partner, Sushi Kashiba at Pike Place Market

It is my great pleasure to do volunteer work for our community particularly to do with Japan-America friendship and respecting each other through better understanding of different cultures and backgrounds. I am New Issei came to Seattle in 1970 and have worked for hospitality business all my life in the United States and in Japan. After once retired, I worked volunteer at Bellevue Senior Center in the kitchen and many charity events for fundraising. Where I stand here today is because of our ancestors taught us the importance of human values and legacy. I appreciate it for this opportunity.





Ms. Akemi Sagawa
- Founder, Five Senses Foundation

I used to look forward to Aki Matsuri every fall. The event, with special guests from Japan, always gave me an opportunity to learn about new aspects of Japan's culture. I also enjoyed the comfort food as well as finding bargain books at flea market. Many thanks to Mr. Tom Brooke for his years of dedication for Aki Matsuri, and to Ms Yuka Shimizu for taking over the long tradition and taking it further as Japan Fair.





Eriko (Elly) Baxter
- Founder & Attorney, Baxter Law International PLLC

While born and raised in Japan, my time in US law school in the early 2000s provided me with a great opportunity to learn about ethnicity and Japanese communities in the US, now and in the past, from a legal perspective. Being a mother of two children born in the US, I naturally became passionate about the pursuit of mutual understanding between different cultures. Japan Fair has become a unique event for introducing Japan’s many virtues. While celebrating our refined and sophisticated traditions, it also delivers the hottest trends in Japan such as AI, robotics, and wildly popular Japanese cartoons and animations. It is my great honor to be part of Japan Fair, which connects our past, present, and future with both traditional and modern culture and makes it all available to the public.