Arts & Culture - 2016

To introduce traditional and modern arts and culture through exhibits and performing arts.

(alphabetical order)




Handmade pieces with vintage & new fabric from Japan and more +



Aki Art

Fine art, Paper cutting

Sogabe started to introduce the paper cutting to the Northwest in 1978 and now her works are included in the collections of many corporations, organizations and universities.



Crystal Angeles

Crystal Angels Jewelry is designed for "Fashion + Healing Purpose". All of our original jewelry pieces are hand made from energetically cleansed crystals. All pieces are unique and hand made.







Video Game Artist / Designer / Art Director. Creator of Enfusoft: pattern making software. Gameography :: Halos & Scribblenauts & CSGO sticker capsules. 






“handarbere” means “handicraft in Swedish. We offer hand woven cashmere scarves and products with Japanese and Scandinavian taste. Creative and fun hand weaving classes are available in Redmond.




Ikebana International Seattle Chapter #19

Ikebana International is a worldwide, non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of ikebana, the Art of Japanese flower arranging. Founded in 1956, its members are bound together by the motto: Friendship through Flowers. Seattle Chapter 19 was chartered in 1959 and is the 19th chapter of the Tokyo based organization. Membership is open to all persons. 





KIMONO ART/特定非営利活動法人 愛loveきもの幸の会 







Kyoto Kakimoto USA

Kyoto Kakimoto presents “KOTONOHA” event and Japanese washi paper. Kotonoha is an essay event and you might get an award to go to Kyoto, Japan for the best award ceremory next year. Visit us and experience the Honmamon washi culture as well as register KOTONOHA event. See you at our booth during Japan Fair 2016!




Clothing , accessories, jewelry and pillows from Japanese fabric

I enjoy creating clothing and accessories from my stash of Japanese fabric.  It is my source of inspiration for design.




Matshumoto Shouten



Ming's Gallery "The Pacific Regions Finest" 

Discover Ming's Gallery "The Pacific Region's Finest" located in the Redmond Town Center. Ming's offers an outstanding array of Furniture, Antiques, Art and accessories from thru-out Asia - Visit Ming's





Miyabi 雅美

Miyabi is Japanese art and craft shop.
We are making Washi paper dolls, Temari balls, Origami, Obi Art and more by using traditional techniques. 






Handmade Fabric Crafts - All things Kawaii

Nancym4 / HappiBoshi specializes in handmade crafts using high quality fabrics, including fabrics and washi paper imported from Japan.  Items for home, work, travel, cute fleece hats, plushies and pillows.  Oh sew kawaii!!




Puget Sound Bonsai Association

Founded in 1973, the Puget Sound Bonsai Association is a non- profit dedicated to the education of its members and the general public in the art and culture of bonsai.







Ro Higashi

"Anime-fy your selfie" Artist, Hand-painted totoro lanterns & uchiwas. 













The School of Taiko

Huge performance by about 50 members from 5 years old to 70s of “The School of TAIKO “ led by “CHIKIRI”; its founders and former Disney World entertainers, Ringtaro & Asako Tateishi. They provide performances, educational programs and classes.





Seattle Art Museum

SAM has been the center for world-class cisual arts in the Pacific Northwest since 1933. Visit SAM to see a museum carbed into the city, as much a part of Seattle's landscape and personality as the coffee, rain, mountains, Pike Place Market, and the Space Needle.







Seiei Dojo

Seiei Dojo is dedicated to the physical and mental advancement of our members through the Olympic sport of Kodokan judo. Our dojo is open to everyone wishing to learn judo for self-defense, as a sport, or as a cross-training instrument for any sport. Judo can enhance your skill and performance in many sports and martial art including wrestling and mixed martial art.




Songs of Hope 

Songs of Hope (SOH) is a Seattle-based musician group supporting Tohoku through ongoing benefit concerts since the March 11 triple disaster in 2011. As part of SOH, the community choir "Chorus of Hope" gives participants a place to come together, and the bake sale team "Nadeshiko Bakery" deliciously contributes to donation efforts.




SUMI Painting

Darlene Dihel is a sum-e artist (Japanese Ink-Brush Painting).
She promotes this prestigious traditional style of painting by sharing with others- teaching, demonstrations, festivals, solo and group shows. SUMI-E IS HER PASSION!






Tanimoto Sumi Art Class

Diplaying Sumi Works. 







Textures by Jan

Jan Paul of Kirkland has been weaving Saganishiki since 1990.  The art is the newest of Japan's National Arts and consists of weaving finely cut metalized paper with silk.  Demonstrations given.


WA's Kitchen LLC

Kaiseki chef, Hiro Tawara will be demonstrating beautiful presentation of Assortment of Appetizer (Hassun) to introduce "Kaiseki", one of the most beautiful Japanese food culture.





Washington Shotokan Association