Arts & Culture - 2017



To introduce traditional and modern arts and culture through exhibits and performing arts.

(alphabetical order)




Fine art, Paper cutting
Sogabe started to introduce the paper cutting to the Northwest in 1978 and now her works are included in the collections of many corporations, organizations and universities.



Banshu Soroban・Daiichi






Cook Veggies at Home / Lavender House Reflexology







Darlene Dihel

Darlene Dihel is a sum-e artist (Japanese Ink-Brush Painting).
She promotes this prestigious traditional style of painting by sharing with others- teaching, demonstrations, festivals, solo and group shows. SUMI-E IS HER PASSION!







Edo Woodblocks

Ron Valle's captivation with Japanese Woodblock Prints (Ukiyo-E) began when he purchased his first prints at an antique shop during his first year living in Japan. He now lives in Shanghai with his wife and daughter. They return to the US each summer to share what they know about Edo period Japan and the amazing art form that is Ukiyoe.






“handarbere” means handicraft in Swedish. We offer hand woven cashmere scarves and products with Japanese and Scandinavian taste. Creative and fun hand weaving classes are available in Redmond.




Hello Sushi Store

Hello Sushi Store is a one stop gift shop for sushi and other Asian food-inspired merchandise. We are known for quality products with cute and vibrant designs. All products use original artwork by Kanagi Design that is exclusive to Hello Sushi.











Japanese Art Miyabi

Miyabi is a Japanese art and craft shop.
We are making Washi paper dolls, Temari balls, Origami, Obi Art and more by using traditional techniques.





KIMONO ART / NPO 愛love着物幸の会

KIMONO ART provides beautiful rental kimonos, dress-up services, photography, kimono remake, and retail services to introduce you to the enchanting world of kimonos and propose new ways to enjoy them within the western lifestyle. Services are supervised by Yu Ugawa, a kimono master dedicated to reviving Japan's national costume and introducing it to the next generation.





Linda Hoshide

I am inspired by my collection of Japanese fabric to create clothing and accessories.





Ming's Gallery







Nancym4 and Happiboshi specialize in cute plushies and handmade crafts for the home, office and travel with the use of high quality fabrics, including Japan imported fabrics.  All things kawaii!





Puget Sound Bonsai Association

Founded in 1973, the Puget Sound Bonsai Association is a non- profit dedicated to the education of its members and the general public in the art and culture of bonsai.







Ro Higashi

Ro Higashi is a Seattle native and local anime-styled artist. She taught English in Japan from 2006-2009, while taking a semester of Manga School night classes. She has two half-Japanese daughters and is bilingual. Please come and say hello!




The School of TAIKO

The cool musical performances of enthusiastic Japanese Taiko drumming with dynamic sounds and fantastic movement will give you an unforgettable summer moment by enjoyable real experiences. The School of TAIKO founded by professional Japanese Taiko Drummer Ringtaro and his partner Asako Tateishi based in Seattle on 2009 and CHIKIRI is their leading group. Currently about 100 students from 5 years old to 70's enjoy the weekly Taiko Classes and performances. Also, SOT has hold "Bilingual Kids Class" for 5 - 7 years old yearly and "Bilingual Kids Taiko Summer Camp" for 4 - 7 years old kids.





Washington Shotokan Association