About Us - 2016


Nurture and promote the traditional and the modern cultural art of Japan. We strive to share some new trends in today’s Japan.

Vision Statement

  • Increase the awareness and the community participation through art, crafts and the culture of Japan and the Japanese American.
  • Encourage the traditional and the modern Japanese exhibits to foster understanding and the perception of cultural values.
  • The Japan Fair exhibits open to both American and Japanese organizations engaged in the promotion of education and the cultural exchange.


A non-profit organization ENMA (the Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association) has presented “Aki Matsuri (Fall Festival)”, a 2-day program of Japanese cultural, educational, and fun events for all age groups, to celebrate Japan's rich cultural heritage for the past eighteen (18) years. ENMA’s Akimatsuri has been greatly appreciated by the community. 

Beginning in 2016, Aki Matsuri will be a transition to a newly established Japan Fair Event. The Aki Matsuri legacy will continue through Japan Fair. ENMA will continue to be the supporting and sponsoring organization until a new non-profit organization is created to present the Japan Fair Event.

Japan Fair 2016 Committee

The Japan Fair 2016 Committee is operating under the auspices of the Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association (legal entity), and 2016 Japan Fair Event is a presentation of Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association (a.k.a. ENMA).  



Allen Nakamoto
Yuka Shimizu
Noriko Palmer
Josh Dwight
Tsutomu (Tom) Sasaki
Eriko (Elly) Baxter

Advisory Committee

Tom Brooke
Katsuko Brooke
Naoki Hayasaka
Daisaku Izawa
Yoshiharu Kurosawa
Tomio Moriguchi
Jeffrey Hattori
Hiroko Huntoon
Hiroshi Onaka
Shinji Kokage



Masahiro Omura
- Consul General of Japan

On behalf of the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who made Aki Matsuri the premiere Japanese cultural event on the Eastside, for so many years. I am equally grateful to the dedicated members of the community, who will now carry on the legacy of Aki Matsuri as the newly re-imagined Japan Fair 2016. I look forward with great anticipation to this new event, which will hopefully continue to strengthen the ties between Japan and the United States by showcasing Japanese arts, culture and businesses with the residents of Bellevue and beyond!




Moriguchi Tomio
- Chairman of the Board of Uwajimaya Inc.

Although The USA is land of immigrants of varying generations, it is very important to have knowledge and if possible to have experiences related to our heritage family culture.  These unique cultural education and experiences made available at the Aki Matsui provides enduring strength for both our ethnic minority community and a better understanding for the larger whole community. Thank you - Tomio




Jefferey Hattori
- CEO of Keiro Northwest

On behalf of Keiro Northwest, we extend our appreciation for the annual Aki Matsuri Festival. Over the years, it has become a well-recognized event with a wonderful array of booths, entertainment, food and activities that promotes Japanese/Japanese American culture. We are excited to support the next evolution…now known as Japan Fair, which will continue to honor the tradition of Aki Matsuri while enhancing and diversifying the attendees experience!