Free Cultural Workshops and Seminars


Come participate in our free workshops and seminars, featuring a range of topics from tradition like the secrets of Japaense cooking and Buddhist meditation to modern Japan like anime drawing and Japanese translating! Workshops will be held on the 4th floor of the Meydenbauer Center. Workshops and seminars will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Doors will open 5 minutes prior.



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Workshops and seminars will be held on the 4th floor of the Meydenbauer Center.



Saturday, July 7th

10:05 a.m. ~ 11:10 a.m. Necchu School in Seattle 熱中小学校のシアトル出張授業*
By Necchu Elementary School 熱中小学校
12:00 p.m. ~ 12:30 p.m. おだんごぱん (The Little Roll) Puppet Show*
By Mimibunko 耳文庫
1:45 p.m. ~ 2:30 p.m. The Secrets to Japanese Cooking: The World of Fermentation and Umami 甘み、旨みもアップ!発酵の力
By Asako Sullivan of The Sustainable Collective
2:50 p.m. ~ 3:45 p.m. Sake Tasting with Sachiko Miyagi 利き酒
By Mutual Trading
4:10 p.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. Kawaii vs Cool Manga Character Design キャラデザ講座
By Ro Higashi
5:10 p.m. ~ 6:00 p.m. The Tanabata Festival and Japanese Waka Poetry 七夕と和歌
By Professor Paul S. Atkins


Sunday, July 8th 

10:05 a.m. ~ 10:50 a.m. Publish Your Own Amazon Kindle Book 電子書籍を出版してみよう*
By LazyLabo
11:00 a.m. ~ 11:50 a.m. Let's Make Onigiri! おにぎりを作ろう
By Kanako Koizumi of Kozmo Kitchen
12:15 p.m. ~ 1:05 p.m. The Art of Japanese Cuisine 日本料理の心
By Chef Takeyuki "Tak" Suetsugu of Washoku Satsuma
2:00 p.m. ~ 2:30 p.m. "Star Festival" Kamishibai (Picture Story Telling) 紙芝居「七夕ものがたり」
By Songs of Hope
3:00 p.m. ~ 3:50 p.m. Ah-breathing Meditation 阿息観 from Mt. Koyasan
By Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple
4:10 p.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. Translator Battle: Rubin vs Davisson 文学VSマンガ 翻訳者対決
By Chin Music Press


* The workshop or seminar will be in Japanese only.





Necchu School in Seattle 熱中小学校のシアトル出張授業*- By Necchu Elementary School 熱中小学校

Necchu school is coming to Seattle – come to Necchu summer trial class!
Necchu Elementary School is a one-of-a-kind school for adults, which started with the motto – “look at the world again through the eyes of a 7 year old”. In just three years since its first school in the northern rural area of Honshu island, Necchu Elementary School now has 11 locations from Hokkaido to Kyushu. In advance of our enrollment for next year, Necchu Elementary School is inviting you to a free trial class! Come and learn “how you can create an impactful movie!”


おだんごぱん (The Little Roll) Puppet Show* - By Mimibunko 耳文庫

Babies, toddlers, kids of all ages. Come and join our interactive puppeteering. Let’s touch, dance, and sing together! 
This is a Russian folktale about a rolling bun that escapes from an elderly woman’s oven. As he rolls out of the house, he meets Robert the bird, a bear, and an owl while singing a delightful tune. As he arrives near the end of his journey, he meets a hungry fox along his path…


The Secrets to Japanese Cooking: The World of Fermentation and Umami 甘み、旨みもアップ!発酵の力 - By Asako Sullivan of The Sustainable Collective

What is the most important ingredient in Japanese cooking? Is it rice? Is it soy sauce? Is it fish stock? Is it Miso? During the workshop we will talk about the secret and core of Japanese flavors: Fermentation. Soy sauce, miso, fish stock, sake, and many other ingredients in Japanese cuisines are fermented using Japanese traditional microorganism called "Aspergillus oryzae” also known as Koji. Koji is not only to develop flavors, but also it improve nutritious values. We will explore how Japanese traditionally developed Japanese flavors with Koji. Let’s explore how the world of small microbes create great flavors! We wil serve amazake, a sweet fermented rice drink made only with koji culture.


Sake Tasting with Sachiko Miyagi 利き酒 - By Mutual Trading

Come try some exquisite sake with Sake Specialist Sachiko Miyagi at a guided sake tasting! You will learn about the vast variety of sake and how to enjoy them at home and in many different settings.
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Kawaii vs Cool Manga Character Design キャラデザ講座 - By Ro Higashi

Learn basic drawing tips to give your manga character design some personality and depth. Come practice some of the current trends that can make your character cool or cute!
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The Tanabata Festival and Japanese Waka Poetry 七夕と和歌 - By Professor Paul S. Atkins

Did you know that Japan Fair 2018 coincides with Tanabata, one of the festivals of the traditional Japanese calendar, celebrated in Japan every year on July 7th? Originally based on a Chinese legend, Tanabata commemorates two lovers, the Weaver Girl and the Herder Boy, who were turned into stars (Altair and Vega) that meet in the heavens only once a year. Today in Japan, Tanabata is an occasion for making wishes, but for centuries it has been an important topic in Japanese waka poetry. Come learn more about this fascinating festival and gain an appreciation for the richness and beauty of traditional Japanese culture!





Publish Your Own Amazon Kindle Book 電子書籍を出版してみよう* - By LazyLabo

Provides overview of how to publish e-books on Amazon.
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Let's Make Onigiri! おにぎりを作ろう - By Kanako Koizumi of Kozmo Kitchen

Onigini is true Japanese soul food. Delicious, easy and fun to make. Perfect for picnics, school lunch, or a quick eat on the go. Come join us make your own onigiri magic.







The Art of Japanese Cuisine 日本料理の心 - By Chef Takeyuki "Tak" Suetsugu of Washoku Satsuma

Certified Japanese Master Chef Takeyuki Suetsugu will demonstrate how to make traditional dashi, Japanese broth, and use a suribachi mortar. His students from the Columbia Basin Job Corps will show their knife skills to make vegetable flowers and animals. Come to experience his craft and enjoy authentic Japanese dashi.



"Star Festival" Kamishibai (Picture Story Telling) 紙芝居「七夕ものがたり」 - By Songs of Hope

Come and listen to the beautiful story about Tanabata in a traditional Japanese story-telling style called “Kami (paper) + Shibai (drama)" using illustrated picture cards. The story originated from Chinese mythology, and begins with an encounter of two young lovers, the weaver girl and the cowherd in the sky. In addition to the story, we will also sing a song with Koto, a traditional Japanese instrument. You can even come and touch the instrument and experience the sound. Craft activities will be provided as well. Everyone is welcome, especially kindergarteners through lower grades with parents.





Ah-breathing Meditation 阿息観 from Mt. Koyasan - By Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple

A mindfullness meditation, transmitted for 1200 years on Mt. Koyasan.
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Translator Battle: Rubin vs Davisson 文学VSマンガ 翻訳者対決 - By Chin Music Press

Literary translator and academic Jay Rubin will face off with manga translator and folklorist Zack Davisson in an innovative workshop where the two swap roles and critique each other’s translations.
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* The workshop will be in Japanese only.