Community Friends - 2017



To connect all communities and organizations for better mutual understanding.

(Alphabetical order)




ACT Theatre

ACT Theatre is in the process of writing an original play based on the epic story of feudal Japan called Tale of the Heike. This will be the second production in ACT’s Legacy Project which was developed to bring cultural stories to the contemporary American stage.










ArtRise Dance

ArtRise Dance offers classes for all ages, levels and backgrounds to discover the joy of movement in a welcoming, all-embracing space. ArtRise Dance passionately believes in making dance exciting while inspiring the next generation with diverse music and art. It is our goal to offer dance that communicates to, and welcomes all people regardless of gender, race, social or cultural backgrounds.




BCA Saturday School



Bellevue Children's Academy 







Consulate-General of Japan




Hakutsuru Saké Brewing

Founded in 1743, Hakutsuru is one of the oldest saké producers in Japan and is located in the Nada district of Kobe,  a leading saké production area known throughout Japan. The name Hakutsuru means “white crane”. The Japanese crane’s reserved character and graceful appearance, and the cultural association of seeing the crane in flight as an auspicious sign, made the crane an ideal symbol to represent the excellent quality of Hakutsuru’s saké.




Hyogo Business & Cultural Center

The Hyogo Business and Cultural Center was founded by Japan's Hyogo Prefectural Government to strengthen the sister state relationship with Washington State. We assist business activity, cultural programs, and Japanese education.







ICC Consultants(USA) Inc.

Established in 1973, ICC Consultants is an international study consulting company, headquartered in Tokyo, offering an array of international exchange programs. ICC's commitment to excellence, and unique approach to exchange study programs continues to earn the trust of over one thousand participants annually.




Japan Business Association of Seattle -Shunju Club






Japan-American Society of the State of Washington

The Japan-America Society of the State of Washington is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting friendship between the people of Japan and Washington State. Throughout the year, our programs bring together people who are interested and involved in U.S.-Japan affairs, business, exchange, and education. Since 1994, our Japan in the Schools program has provided classrooms in Washington with free lessons on Japanese culture and schools.




Japanese Cultural and Community Center of WA

The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington is a lively, intergenerational gathering place and destination in the Pacific Northwest, where people of all backgrounds learn Japanese language and traditional arts, celebrate Japanese and Japanese American history and culture, and build intercultural understanding.






Kaplan International English

Kaplan International is a prestigious English school with 75 years of experience. We have 41 Kaplan International schools located in eight countries around the world, including 18 schools in the United States and 2 in Canada. Education is our passion, and we take great pride in ensuring our students have all the opportunities and tools to succeed. Our philosophy is not a simple focus on classrooms and textbooks; it’s about creating a fully rounded experience. Learn English, enjoy new cultures, make new friends, and see the world.




Kawabe Memorial House






With Keiro Northwest, you can enhance your lifestyle on your health & wellness journey. Keiro Northwest delivers world-class senior health and wellness services customized for our region’s Asian communities, with additional expertise serving the general community. As a mission-driven organization, our efforts honor your cultural, food, language and life preferences with a commitment to respect, trust, compassion, quality of life, and family.










Megumi Pre-school








Music of Remembrance

Music of Remembrance (MOR) is a Seattle-based non-profit organization established in 1998 to remember the Holocaust through music. We are not a religious organization, and believe that our mission calls on us to act on the Holocaust’s lessons by also focusing on the experience of others who have been excluded or persecuted for their ethnicity, nationality, faith, gender or sexuality. The focus of MOR’s 2017-18 season will be the premieres of works that we have commissioned from three composers about Japanese and Japanese-American wartime experience.




Neely Mansion/Hori Family Furoba 





Sagalingua Language & Culture Coaching

Sagalingua provides language and culture coaching, for adults and children, in 14 languages, taught by native teachers: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Hungarian and Afrikaans. We specialize in one-on-one private lessons and small groups of up to 4 students. We Speak Your Language!







SakéOne Corporation

Founded in 1992 and based in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, SakéOne is both a craft saké producer as well as an importer of premium Japanese saké. Our Oregon Craft brands include Momokawa, G Saké and our flavor-infused Moonstone saké. We currently represent six breweries from Japan including the category leader Hakutsuru Saké Brewing from Kobe. SakéOne will continue to add producers from a variety of prefectures in order to represent the most diverse and comprehensive saké portfolio in the trade. Our mission is to raise the national consciousness relative to premium saké, and to provide our customers outstanding and consistent products and service.















Learn to play the Asian strategy game of Go face to face for free at our booth, or at our Center, which is in Seattle’s University District on 45th St. near I-5.







SoftBank Telecom America Corp.




Sugamo advance school

Sugamo advance school offers Japanese lessons for all levels. We also specializes in entrance exam test prep for students preparing to enter the Japanese education system from middle school to university.








The Japanese Community Service of Seattle








The North American Post